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The Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Foods Storage Technique For Freezing

The Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Foods Storage Technique For Freezing

The Reynolds Handi Vac Vacuum Food stuff Storage Process (RHV) is a wonderful solution. I use my vacuum sealer ALL THE TIME. Freezing make forward recipes using the RHV helps to preserve the texture and visual appearance of my relatives’s preferred foods.

Once i point out utilizing a vacuum sealer for freezing, I am surprised at how Many individuals Imagine These are either too pricey, or a lot of of a hassle to work with and to operate. This is not the situation Together with the RHV vacuum sealer.

RHV Where and Exactly how much

The RHV is really an economically priced, hand held vacuum sealer that gets rid of air within the specially developed Reynold’s food items luggage. To purchase an RHV, glance no even further than your supermarket. The RHV is conveniently available at most significant grocery shops and mass vendors like Walmart and Concentrate on. The RHV is located with the storage luggage and wraps during the storage bags isle. The typical price of a vacuum sealer starter kit is $9.99 and the package incorporates three quart dimension vacuum food stuff baggage. A carton of 14 quart dimensions baggage or 9 gallon sizing baggage is close to$3.29.

RHV How you can Use

Prior to freezing, I recommend producing the foods item’s name, the date along with the cooking Guidance either ideal about the bag or on a freezer bag label, that you stick with the bag to save you from needing to discover the cooking Guidance within the recipe later on. When you’ve performed that, just fill and seal your vacuum food stuff bag as you’ll an everyday zipper storage bag. The Reynolds luggage Have got a maximum fill line. With the bag lying flat within the counter, make certain there isn’t a food earlier mentioned the most fill line or straight underneath the air benefit. Upcoming, press the vacuum sealer idea from the air valve and press the on button to remove air from a bag. When the bag is restricted throughout the food stuff, release the on button. Swift as a wink, your foods is vacuum sealed and prepared for that freezer.

Freezing Appetizers

I freeze appetizers for instance crab melts and pizza bites using the RHV sealer. After i am wanting to Prepare dinner, I take the appetizers proper out of the freezer and vacuum sealed bag, and place them straight in to the oven for a quick broil time of 8 minutes. I utilize the RHV sealer when freezing sweet and spicy meatballs, and After i plan to provide these, I thaw, remove through the freezer bag and reheat during the microwave for a quick bite to take in on hectic evenings.

Freezing Cookie Dough

I utilize the flash freezing method for freezing cookie dough. (You could check with my April, e newsletter/article, How you can Flash Freeze Make Forward Cookies, by clicking on my Site in my resources box. ) The RHV sealer is rather helpful for freezing cookie dough. If you do not need to make use of most of the frozen cookie dough at once, you might get what you would like and reseal the bag. For fresh new baked cookies whenever, that is hassle free.

Freezing Breads

When you’ve tried using freezing breads utilizing a simple freezer bag or plastic wrap, you may have observed that once thawed, your bread was maybe a little bit freezer burned and did not truly taste so fantastic. It can be alright! The RHV will change the way you really feel about freezing bread! No matter whether I bake banana bread, cinnamon bread, blueberry bread or our family favourite, strawberry bread, I’ve employed the RHV sealer to freeze these and many additional breads and possess experienced excellent success. After baking two loaves of bread (lots of my bread recipes will yield two loaves) I hold out right until They can be totally cooled. Upcoming, I wrap them in plastic wrap before putting them in the vacuum bag to freeze. In this manner, After i am able to acquire them out in the vacuum sealed luggage to thaw, the breads are by now wrapped and able to eat in about four hours. Also, by wrapping the bread in saran wrap first, the freezer bag stays cleanse and could be reused. Even whenever they do want cleansing, the vacuum bags could possibly be washed and reused. Breads are wonderful, economical, yet thoughtful gifts to give, especially around the holidays. When you’ve tried out the RHV for freezing breads, you’ll be hooked, and thrilled, When you’ve got a loaf of bread handy in the freezer for Regardless of the situation.

Freezing Meals

Numerous of my key dish recipes and soups is usually cooked first then frozen using the vacuum baggage along with the RHV sealer. These are definitely very easily and promptly defrosted and reheated from the microwave for quick mid 7 days foods. These primary dishes involve: pulled pork, sloppy joes, meatballs and gravy, spaghetti sauce with meatballs and sausage and taco meat. Beef stew, rooster and spinach tortellini soup, hearty chili and Italian wedding soup are soups which i freeze utilizing the RHV sealer. For other main dish recipes, I assemble the elements in advance and use the RHV sealer to freeze the meal right before cooking. These involve lasagna, chicken cannelloni, taco lasagna, rooster and spinach stuffed shells and rooster enchiladas. I enable 24 several hours for these meals to defrost from the fridge and then I bake in accordance with the recipe’s Instructions. The RHV is great for maintaining the freshness of marinated meats like teriyaki hen, Thai chicken thighs, London Broil Strips and marinated steak. For turkey and hamburger patties, the RHV sealer genuinely maintains the foods’s freshness and overall look. When freezing foods, the RHV sealer is a must have Device on your kitchen area. For make forward meals, appetizers, soups, breads and cookies, the fresh and delectable style of my foods will come by way of each time.

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